2014 AICP Awards
Gerry Graf
Tiffany Rolfe
Ted Royer
We’re not saying the old industry was all champagne and stretch limos, but since the times of Mad Men the industry has changed, and they've taken it all away. Who are THEY? We wish we knew!

But the one thing they can never take away is the recognition of having your work collected, stored and protected in the Museum of Modern Art's Permanent Archive.

To secure your spot and make sure you leave the industry with at least one piece of evidence you did something amazing, submit your work today.

All AICP winning work is in the Museum of Modern Art Permanent Archive.
And no one can take that away.


VCU Brandcenter
Gabe Sherman - Copywriter
Steve Gonzalez - Art Director
Rick Plautz - Art Director
Jeff Tolefson - Creative Brand Manager
Araba Wilson - Creative Strategist
Director: Stephen Pearson
Producer: Thomas O'Malley
Director of Photography: Vince Vinitti
Editor: Brett Mason

Images Provided By Shutterstock