Skate Nation Ghana / 2:04



Production, Editorial, Licensed Soundtrack or Arrangement, Advertising Excellence / Campaign


Production Company: Love Song
Director: Bafic, Justyna Obasi, Elliott Power
Director of Photography: Deepa Keshvala, Robbie Ryan
Executive Producers: Daniel Wolfe, Kelly Bayett, Emily Skinner
Producer: Jewel Estephanos
Production Designer: Tony Prince Tomety
Advertising Agency: Droga5
Creative Directors: Thom Glover, Paul Meates
Producers: Mike Hasinoff, Leah Donnenberg
Music Company: Curation Music
Original Songs and Artists: ‘Heaven’ by Ebo Taylor, ‘Break Through’ by Marijata, ‘Mama Dey Party’ by Bryte, ‘Agyeiwaa’ by O’Kenneth
Arranger: Sunny Kapoor
Sound Designer: Gus Koven
Sound Design Company: Barking Owl
Editors: Paul Watts
Editorial Companies: Cut+Run, The Quarry